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Our Mission

In creative partnership, we collaborate with parents and caregivers to provide children with emotional and psychological support using promotional and preventive approaches.

Our Vision

A happy, confident and resilient child who is creatively other-centred.

As the year comes to a close, we celebrate our journey in empowering our children to live better lives.

You have provided the resources and enabled Canossaville to give our children opportunities and experiences that open up their minds to possibilities!

Through our Speech Programme, our children learned public speaking and how to project themselves positively. We were encouraged by the positive feedback that we received from their teachers in school. You also opened their eyes to the world of computer coding and gave them a deeper awareness of the importance of recycling. Our children benefitted from experiential learning in areas of science, art and history through engagements with school groups. They learned about different career options and came to the realization that they can aspire beyond their current circumstances and consider careers such as medicine or teaching.

We continue to engage corporate organizations and community groups through meaningful partnerships. Our partners have gone the extra mile in making a difference to our children’s lives, sometimes in innovative and enjoyable ways such as themed food-fairs, talent shows, walkathons or working out for a cause. And these couldn’t have come at a better time as Canossaville is part of the year-long Care & Share movement with donations matched in full by the government.

We also wish to applaud the individuals who have journeyed with our children in so many different ways, each giving of the talents that he/she has been blessed with.

Dear friends, your active support sends a strong message to our children that the community cares for them.

Thank you for walking with us as we strive towards giving our children what they truly deserve. We look forward to sharing an exciting and meaningful 2015 with you!

The Management, Staff & Children Wish You a Joyful Christmas & a Blessed Year Ahead!


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Residential Care

The Home has the capacity to accommodate up to 25 residents. We offer Residential Care to girls aged between 6 years to 12 years who come from family situations which may put them at risk. We work creatively to provide our children with emotional and psychological support and equip them with qualities that will enable them to contribute positively to society.

Student Care

We run a Student Care Centre which provides a safe and nuturing environment for children either before or after school. It is an Integrated Student Care Centre which is able to take in children who are hearing impaired and who are dyslexic. The service is available to both boys and girls. The majority of the children are between the ages of 6 to 12 years.




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